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5.6 Folding at different temperatures

As explained in (3.8), the default energy files are for folding at 37° C. The program ``newtemp'' allows the user to generate energy files for folding at any temperature between 0° C and 100° C. The program is run interactively and prompts the user for a new temperature. The program requires the enthalpy files: dangle.dh, stack.dh, tloop.dh and tstack.dh. These are provided with the program. The output energy files are named according to the temperature. Thus if 25° is selected, the energy files are named: dangle.025, loop.025, miscloop.025,stack.025, tloop.025 and tstack.025. These names must be entered in place of the defaults at stage (3.8) in running lrna or crna.

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