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5.5 Creating a ``hard copy'' of an energy dot plot

As described in (3.11.6), both lrna and crna can be used to create plot files that contain the information encoded in an energy dot plot. The ``dot2ps'' program reads such files to create an energy dot plot. One option of the program is to create a second plot that is rotated through 180° and placed in the lower left portion of the plot. An example is given in Figure 4. The ``dot2ps'' program is run interactively, and produces a PostScript file in color or black and white.

Figure 4: A color energy dot plot for the Alu sequence. The optimal folding energy is -114.5 kcal/mol. The upper right dot plot has an 11.4 kcal/mol energy increment (10%), while the lower left plot contains only the optimal base pairs.

Michael Zuker
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