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5.1 batgen - Command file generation for batch runs

Both lrna and crna can be run in batch mode as long as the run mode is not ``Sub-optimal plot''. In the UNIX environment, a run can be begun interactively, and then pushed into background mode. It is nevertheless desirable to generate command files for batch runs.

The batgen program generates a list of commands that are stored in a user defined file (default is ``''). The prompts are similar to the lrna prompts, except that the ``Sub-optimal'' plot mode is not offered. A batch run could be initiated from a command file called ``'' by issuing the commands:

lrna <

The ``^D'' indicates the ``EOT'' character generated by holding down the ``control'' key while typing the letter ``D''.

Michael Zuker
Thu Nov 2 14:28:14 CST 1995