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3.11.5 Choosing colors for the dot plot

The energy dot plot can be displayed with black dots (default) or with color dots on a white background. To select different colors, choose the ``Color'' option from the popup menu. Slide the pointer to the right along the ``Color'' entry, and another ``rollover'' menu will appear. In the IRIS version, the user can select from 1 to 7 different colors from this menu. If more than 1 color is selected, black is reserved for the ``optimal'' base pairs, and the extra colors display the increasing levels of suboptimality within the user defined energy increment. The alternative colors are (in order of increasing suboptimality): red, green, yellow, blue, magenta and cyan. In the X11 version, as soon as more than 1 color is chosen, the suboptimal points are colored according to a ``color wheel'' that progresses from red (least suboptimal) to dark blue (most suboptimal). Optimal points are always displayed in black.

Michael Zuker
Thu Nov 2 14:28:14 CST 1995