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3.7 Input save file name selection

The user is prompted for the name of a save file created previously in a save type run. After the save file is read in, the user is prompted for a file name for the ``continuation dump''. This ``dump'' displays what items have been selected from the main menu and the values of all the ``energy parameters''. The default file name is /dev/tty (terminal output), but this information can be stored and used to check what options were used in the original save run. The user is then prompted with the question: ``Listing of energy files?''. A yes to this causes all the energy values for bases pairs and loops to be displayed or alse appended to the ``continuation dump'' file. The default is no, but this option can be used to verify what energy files were used in case of confusion. Program execution continues with output file and format selection (3.9).

Michael Zuker
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