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Name - compute ss-count from a .ct file

Synopsis [OPTION]... file.ct [file.ext]

Description computes the ss-count of each base for a set of structures in .ct format. The ss-count is the number of structures in which the base appears single-stranded.

The output from is suitable for structure annotation with sir_graph.

If a .ext file is given, it is assumed to contain the correct probabilities. The output is expanded to include for each base the expected probability of being single-stranded, the standard deviation, the observed probability and the relative error (the observed probability minus the expected probability, divided by the standard deviation).


-n, --normalized
divides the ss-count for each base by the number of structures, to obtain a value in the range [0, 1]. Normalization is automatic when a .ext file is supplied.
-w, --weighted
computes a weighted sum or average, where the weights are the Boltzmann factors for each structure. Each Boltzmann factor is computed from a header line in the .ct file.
-t, --temperature=temp
sets the temperature for Boltzmann-weighting to temp. Default is 37.

Table of Contents