Forum goals and other information

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1. This forum was created partially so that people can benefit from each others comments, questions and answers. In other words, please feel free to offer peer support.

2. It is difficult and unnecessarily time consuming to answer different variations of the same question every time Dr. Zuker receives an email. Asking a question here will allow others to benefit from the answer and save his cluttered inbox.

3. This will hopefully replace his guestbook.

4. Spammers will not be tolerated! If you spam these boards, I will block your Username, email address and IP address. You will be allowed back after writing a ten page paper (12pt times New Roman) about why I should continue to waste my time on you.

5. If you believe you were blocked in error, send me a message and I'll look into it. We do still have a contact page.

6. Please inform me when you see an abusive or inappropriate post. You can flag it or send me a message by clicking on my username (admin).

Thank you,