Length maximum for UNAfold software vs webserver?

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I'm interested in purchasing the UNAfold software for Linux, but I wanted to check - are there any length limits on the oligos we can input? I'd like to test some situations with oligos ranging from 300-500 nt, but the webserver is limited to <50 nt (at least for "Homodimer Simulations" and "Hybridization of two different strands").

I wanted to make sure this was the case before purchasing. Also, it seems like the academic licence is $200 on iBridge, instead of $50 (like I saw elsewhere on the forum/web server) - has the price gone up, or is that an error?

Thank you!


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There are no length limits in

There are no length limits in the software itself. (Well, aside from the amount of system memory available, but that isn't an issue until orders of magnitude more bases than you mention!)

I believe the price for an academic license has gone up, but I'm not certain. Best to inquire of RPI directly (i.e. through iBridge).