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Is there any source that directly compliable in windows MS visual studio? There's some headers and codes that is related to POSIX system calls in unafold sources...

by the way i'm trying to get dg value in hybrid-ss-min.

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My reply will probably be as

My reply will probably be as unhelpful as it is late:

Basically, there is not. It was my intention to write UNAFold entirely in standard C, but I may have failed in that. Alternatively, I may simply have used a different definition of "standard" than Microsoft does.

Either way, a competent C programmer could probably hack up the source code to compile with Microsoft's compiler, but it would be unpleasant and not terribly useful in my opinion. If you want native Windows executables, I consider the MinGW port of gcc to be a better option; that's what I use to create the Windows binary package.