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I install UNAFold 3.8 version.

I follow the command from "UNAFold: Softwatre for Nucleic Acid Folding and Hybridization - Nicholas R. Markham, Michael Zuker September 2, 2008" for , hybrid-ss, hybrid-min ... and so on.

I use FASTA format file following the paper.


( I try to use the File name such as sequence1.fasta, sequence1.txt and sequence1.seq making txt file)

Using Ubuntu 14.04 (same Linux) terminal, my commands are

./ --NA=DNA sequence1.fasta or ./ --NA=DNA sequence1.fasta
or ./ sequence1.fasta

The result is

Checking for boxplot_ng... not found
Checking for hybrid-plot-ng... not found
Checking for sir_graph_ng or sir_graph... not found
Checking for ps2pdfwr... found
Can't exec "hybrid-ss-min" : No such file or directory at ./ line 249.
Error: No such file or directory from hybrid-ss-min

I don't know why the program is error.

command is

./hybrid-ss sequence1.fasta

The result : stack.DG: No such file or directory

./ -h, ./hybrid-ss -h and ct-energy -h are success.

Please help me....

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This probably means that

This probably means that UNAFold isn't installed correctly. If you installed from an RPM, UNAFold should be installed to /usr; if you built from source, it could be in /usr/local or some other directory. Either way, the binaries and scripts will be in the bin subdirectory of the top-level install directory.

For any reasonable choice of an installation directory, the bin subdirectory will already be in your PATH (/usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, etc.). In the unlikely event that it isn't (say /opt/unafold/bin), you'll want to add that directory to your PATH when using UNAFold. Either way, you shouldn't be running commands prefixed with "./".

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I have exactly the same issue

when compiling using "sudo make install" instead of "make install"