Temperature dependent "Warning! Structure plots missing!" ?

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Dear Mfold-experts,

I am using the DNA-folding form to analyze secondary structure of some circular ssDNA at different temperatures (from 95 to 5°C in 5°C steps). For some higher temperatures I get the message “Warning! Structure Plots Missing”, the detailed jobs are listed below. What is the reason for this message? There are two other questions in this forum concerning this error (occurring with the RNA folding form), but no one answered.


I especially need the Vienna files. If there would be no folding at higher temperatures (what I expect and would be good), it should give me a Vienna file with only dots, right? Or is the programe made like that, that it doesn’t give a result, if there is no folding? But then I am confused why certain temperatures are “left out”, for example in the case of pExp42-MKate I didn’t get results for 65-80°C, but for 85 – 95°C. I would not expect to have no folding at lower temperatures, but at higher ones. So maybe there is another reason for this message? I would appreciate your assistance!

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Jobs resulting in the message: “Warning! Structure Plots Missing.”
• 15Mar15-13-02-13-9a4f399fb6: DNA folding of pExp42-MKate-65°C at 65° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar15-13-01-40-d75dec7154: DNA folding of pExp42-MKate-70°C at 70° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar15-13-00-54-8b89b4b44f: DNA folding of pExp42-MKate-75°C at 75° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar15-13-00-14-f2ade555c9: DNA folding of pExp42-MKate-80°C at 80° C for kit.edu.

• 15Mar16-12-30-42-e3413dac03: DNA folding of pET-DESTn9-95°C at 95° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-12-30-05-a46b1f69e3: DNA folding of pET-DESTn9-90°C at 90° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-12-29-37-e2ba30f3d0: DNA folding of pET-DESTn9-85°C at 85° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-11-54-56-49b2dbdca5: DNA folding of pET-DESTn9-60°C at 60° C for kit.edu.

• 15Mar16-11-50-00-3e7a9c720a: DNA folding of pDESTn25-95°C at 95° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-11-49-19-21f4730ba3: DNA folding of pDESTn25-90°C at 90° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-11-29-25-80cbd84292: DNA folding of pDESTn25-85°C at 85° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-11-28-48-c58ad3c708: DNA folding of pDESTn25-80°C at 80° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-11-28-15-ec24948571: DNA folding of pDESTn25-75°C at 75° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-11-27-44-f32ef83003: DNA folding of pDESTn25-70°C at 70° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-11-27-10-9c6c21c8d1: DNA folding of pDESTn25-65°C at 65° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-11-26-40-d88e15ba6c: DNA folding of pDESTn25-60°C at 60° C for kit.edu.

• 15Mar16-11-53-20-beae12c91e: DNA folding of pET-EXPn23-95°C at 95° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-11-52-49-2a4df86958: DNA folding of pET-EXPn23-90°C at 90° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-11-52-11-e8df9fe162: DNA folding of pET-EXPn23-85°C at 85° C for kit.edu.
• 15Mar16-11-51-06-4125666725: DNA folding of pET-EXPn23-60°C at 60° C for kit.edu.