Large size of outputs in command

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Hi everybody.
I have a serious problem with scale of outputs with the command. I need only the .Det file between outputs, but I have some uncalled-for files in the results when I run the program. Suppose that I have 1000 sequences with 500-1000 nts length; I need about 16 hours(each time) for analyzing, and after that, the bulk results are several Gigs! The more sequences, the more memory needs.

The question is:
Is it possible to limit the output files of this command? If Yes, how?
If No, how I can fix this problem?

I'll be thankful if one of you can help me :)

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The problem may relate to

The problem may relate to your system or OS as well. Try to check this in Google, either it is a laptop issue or operating system issue. You can find the best budget laptops within your range, if error is as such then contact with software owner via their contact us page.