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Good day.
Is there academic license for UNAFold at moment? Or it have been canceled?
There are only commercial licenses on ibridge site. Just cant find where i could download package for noncommercial usage.
May be i didnt notice link?

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academic license


I am a graduate student at NC State University. I have a quick question about unafold academic license.

Is the academic license only for one computer or could I install the software on our bioinformatics cluster so many students can access it?

I'll appreciate your help.

Hitesh Tolani

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Its became more interesting.

Its became more interesting. Today on ibridge appeаred academic license for 50$. It is rather cheap but not free.

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Academic License for UNAFold

There has always been and there still is an academic license for UNAFold. You are incorrect in claiming that only commercial licenses are available from the ibridge site. You must submit a request for an academic (non-commercial) license. It will cost you nothing. Once your identity has been confirmed, you will be sent download information to obtain a copy of UNAFold.

The new system is much better than the old one. It enables us to keep track of those who have the software.

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Via what form can i submit

Via what form can i submit it? it isnt clear at all.
Do you mean "request more info" link on UNAFold page at ibridge?

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Obtaining UNAFold from ibridge web site

You must first register on the ibridge web site. Once you are a recognized user, you can request an academic license to UNAFold. Note that my university has recently imposed a small $50 fee to help recover costs. This is not a licensing fee.

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ibridge is confusing


So, I registered with iBridge and went the the steps to obtain a license.

I am guessing now that I need to submit payment with the Receipt that was issued after which I will be sent a download code.

I say "guessing" because the confirmation screens and email were not clear on this subject:

Thanks for your order on iBridge Network.
You will be notified via email when your order is available.
Number: 834534030331
Material Ordered: UNAFold Academic License
Quantity: 1
Total Price: $50.00

By the way, I already have version 3.3 installed under earlier (free) license. Perhaps I should not have to re-license?

Any tips/direction appreciated....