DINAMelt Webserver sequence counting

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When using the DINAMelt Webserver with several sequences (in my case 10) the textual result page displays every possible structure (especially different ones for the same sequence) with a new sequence number (in my case "sequence 1-14"). So the original sequence number is not displayed, but a kind of result number.
When viewing the summarizing PDF it correctly states the sequence number on the bottom of a page, different structures of the same sequence show the same number.

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Sequence/Structure labeling problem

When posting to this forum, it is helpful to all if you would state which application you used. I infer from your post that you used the 'quikfold' web server that allows multiple sequence input and predicts one or more structures for each sequence. I agree that there was a numbering problem. It has just been fixed, although not yet to my satisfaction. Please try it again and comment.